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World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth New Races

Hey everyone and welcome back to the battle for Azeroth class review in World of Warcraft. Today I’m dead excited because we’re checking out the monk now I jumped ship from hundred among kin legions. So I’m dead King to find out where my new main Artie’s my Legion main, stands in this expansion.

They hired on 26 writers for baths of wrath. And their PFA guides they’re all up right now. And i’ve been particularly liking become a mistake section which can just really help for quickly solving most of your gameplay issues. Okay so when Walker quickly became my favorite speck during Legion. And while I did like it’s older iterations in mop and ward. The Legion hit combo World of Warcraft Gameplay to me it was deliberate it was fast-paced it was enjoyable.

However sometimes it did suffer from being a little bit flooded with resources. Which sometimes was a fun challenge to overcome but other times felt kind of obtuse and annoying. So with Papa Fry’s Roth it really is tweaking the spec rather than overhauling it and thankfully. It’s worked out really well in my view, so let’s get to the core baseline changes.

World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth 2018

Alright the first major change is that we have a new cooldown reduction mechanic. This is maybe my favorite thing in PFA and it works like this. So, blackout cake reduces the cooldown of both Rising Sun kick and fists of fury by one second. This really helps out the pace of the spec gives it a more aggressive feeling and it makes blackout kick. Feel like more than just the basic bit of filler this will also have really great benefits as time goes on because basically the wind Walker mastery incentivizes us to never use the same ability twice.

In a row then you’ve got a popular talent well was popular, called hit combo that gives you a stacking damage increase for every time you don’t use a repeatability. So effectively and by reducing the cooldown of rising some kick and fists of fury in such a way that the cooldown reduction will increase. As your haste increases it basically allows for that World of Warcraft gameplay to feel good for longer. Now sadly we do see an oratorio we which is a bit weaker Fist of Fury does 50% damage to non primary targets and spinning crane kick. Only gets a 10% damage boost. Forever me that you hit with Tiger pound blackout cake or Rising Sun kick.

And now the fun a weed World of Warcraft Game Play is still there. It’s just been toned down a little bit although right and spitting crane, has only 2g now. That actually touch of death has a new mechanics. So it’s holly’s up the time and you deal to the target over the duration of its and debuff. And then it deals 10% of that damage, as a bonus at the end so basically it makes touch of death that better like just it makes it better synergize with everything else that you’re doing. So you can use it better if you’re more skilled overall with the baseline stuff maybe a bit sad in the aoe but broadly I love the changes that have been made. And let’s just quickly cover the basic World of Warcraft Gameplay and that’ll go into the talents.

So the basic World of Warcraft gameplay of this one is really simple you’re generating chi with Tiger Pam. The end you’re using fists of fury and Rising Sun kick on cooldown then blackout kick as your filler. Course free procs of blackout kick can be generated by using tiger pan. Which adds a bit of unpredictability to the spec. Then you want to maintain your mastery by never using the same ability twice. In a row for aoe Fist of Fury is of course super important and you’ll also be weaving spinning crane kicks.

What Is World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

I’ve been doing a bunch of tab targeting for that. So basically you just want to do all of that stuff without over generating chi or capping energy. And of course there are your two main resources or that’s pretty much the standards for any spec. Overall it’s fast paced and it’s got a strong rhythm that is reinforced by your mastery your resource generation spending mechanics and it’s um enhanced.

By the cooldown reduction from blackout cake that is new in battle for Azeroth. Then of course being a monk is just awesome you’ve got roll transcendence serpent kick. You’ve pretty much got the best movement in the World of Warcraft game, as far as I’m concerned and that means that being a monk feels as freeing and powerful as ever.

Next up it’s time to talk about talents now the talents have quite a few similarities but they do bring in some MEK right new mechanics. So things get interesting early on the 15 tier and you know while they do look similar there’s a really big change. Qi burst now generates a Qi for every target that it hits on a 30 second cooldown. And this makes Chi burst a really competitive ability that adds a big burst of potential damage. To the spec every 30 seconds, it’s really really dead fun and it’s the tile pick that I go with

Now the next interesting addition is the 45 tier where we see energizing licks are being nerfed unfazed of the white tiger be a toes. Now the new energizing elixir instantly restores all energy but only restores to Chi instead of all of your cheek. This makes it far easier to get a good usage of it when compared to Legion. So this is a change that the dosa toned down the top and of wound Walker World of Warcraft gameplay to an you know for a bit but I don’t think it’s a tremendous loss then fist of the white tiger sort of takes the place of your artifact ability.

And that it’s a big strong attack that you use every 30 seconds but the difference is that it generates set three cheap. I find it to be quite satisfying to use plus the monk mastery and hit combo, and talent do mean. That just having additional abilities to throw in the mix to maintain your hit combo or your mastery. That actually does feel quite good on a monk .we then actually see something old with the new good karma talent.

Which takes the place of Blackrock statue it increases the damage redirection from touch of karma by another 50% meaning that it can do a shedload of damage. That’s kind of odd because it does encourage you to take damage to deal damage. Which might not turn out great and raids, and though i’ve got to admit in other scenarios I do find it to be super fun.

Then the only other major change is Chi orbit which was practically useless has been removed and it’s been replaced with spiritual focus. Now a spiritual focus reduces the cooldown of storm earth on fire which of course your main cooldown. When you spend Chi and it’s pretty much just that standard type of cooldown reduction that is just in most classes now.

So that’s really most of it and in terms of all the things well hit combo, is a bit weaker than it was in Legion which is opened up rushing Jade wind and Joanna’s viable options. Then rushing Jade wind is a bit different we ran out drains energy to stay up .and Joanne sticks around for less time but has a reduced cooldown. Now hit combo being a bit less dominant, and has kind of led to double blackout kick over a Rising Sun kick on but I suspect. That is not going to be the case as BFA moves forward. So I’m not really going to focus on that too much.

Overall what i’ll say is i’ve really enjoyed chi bursts as a part of rotation now. And face of the white tiger slots in quite nicely as well and while I’m a bit sad the légion energizing elixir World of Warcraft gameplay was toned down. I do understand why Blizzard made the decision. They’re not being tied down to hit combo is pretty nice and those UN and rushing Jade wind, honestly to me they’re not massively fun. I kind of wish that Joanne interacted with your resources almost like how the battle froth warlock.

World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

Cooldown demons do now as for that final talent tier well the new spiritual focus is fine. I guess but I’m almost certainly going to be playing with whirling dragon cake which is one of the region talents. Of course with that um you can use it. When rising some cake and face of fury or off cooldown. That means that it feels pretty unique when compared to a lot of other abilities which is a nice point of differentiation.

Then on its own it’s just a pretty fun satisfying ability to use then you’ve got serenity it which cooldown the replace a storm earth and fire. Basically lets you go crazy unleashing torrents of free cheese benders. While dealing 20% increased damage. It’s a pretty great CD as far as they go and that’s really it for the talents.

And I just want to pull this one into the opinions, because it’s kind of easy for me to conclude the parts of Windwalker. That I liked for the most part they’re either the same or better. The cooldown reduction from blackout cake does wonderful things for this spec. And the changes to the talents broadly are quite good as well especially. The cheat generation from tree burst. Basically Blizzard have taken one of my favorites back to the World of Warcraft Game.

They have polished it up a little bit they’ve made it work without the artifacts. And they’ve pretty much left it to that now that said we do have some wider changes in BFA cropping up such as. You know our main cool-down storm earth and fire. It’s on the Sur global cooldown now. I don’t think that feels great. I would rather the gcd changes didn’t happen, but if I bench that for now. I think that just looking you know what the resolution of this back. This back is a pretty good improvement from Legion so I’m really happy.

With it next up it’s time for brew master so brew master was my favorite tank in Legion. Because of its super unique Steiger mechanic, where some of the damage of incoming hits would instead be spread out over time, as the damage over time affects. That you can then manipulate and reduce. Basically I always found that dealing with my incoming damage in this manner was super engaging. So I was happy to say the breeding not a lot has changed with PFA. This is probably one of the specs with the least amount of modifications. So let’s just get right into it with the baseline changes.

World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth Races

The first thing that you’ll notice is that stagger is a little bit weaker overall, and is particularly weaker against magic damage. So basically the amount of damage that you stagger is now based off agility as well, and the amount of magic damage. That is staggered is now 25% of your regular stacker down from 40%. And this is entirely in line with PFA tank design where everyone is a bit less self-sufficient and a bit more vulnerable to magic damage.

We then of course have the general bf8 tank changes to threat that effectively make it so that, you’ve got to manage a little bit. More it will be no bother for experienced tanks but it might cause a you know a little bit, of a hassle for newbies who have to you don’t have to get used to it. There aren’t really any other massively World of Warcraft gameplay impacting changes here to be honest like. Legsweep is based on for everyone and keg smash is a bit of a weak or slow.

That’s it’s not massive really, then the only other major thing I suppose is that the shared recharge time of your purifying and iron skin Puru have been changed from 21 seconds modified by haste. To 14 seconds I’m not modified by haste which should feel pretty similar time Legion does now.

Let’s talk about baseline World of Warcraft Gameplay, so you have a pretty simple dps rotation of tiger pan blackout Sam strike Breath of Fire, and cake smash. You want to keep your breath or your fire breath and your keg smash time just used on cooldown you want to use cake smash before you use breath, because breath would be extra effective. Against targets who are covered from that cake smash beer.

So you’re using you know those things on cooldown you’re burning off any extra energy into your Tiger Prime’s which will reduce the cooldown. Of your purifying and iron skin bruise by a second but the real World of Warcraft gameplay here the thing that matters is staggered. So stagger takes a percentage of the damage that you receive and it deals slowly to you as a over time effects.

This smooths out the damage that you take, and this means that you’re fantastic. At taking massive bursts of damage. So and this 10-second doll it’s called stagger and really the fun of this spec is you can manipulate stagger through two abilities. Iron skin brew and purifying proof so iron skin brew. Will increase the amount of damage that you stagger for seven seconds. So if you’re really about to just get whacked hard you want to use that.

Then purifying brew will basically remove a percentage of your stagger. And that means that you don’t take it as damage. So if you take a large amount of stagger damage and then you and you know remove a whole bunch of your stagger with purifying brew in the process you smooth out your incoming damage taken and you actually overall reduce it by quite a bit. And that really is the core of surviving with this speck. That is intact and battle for Azeroth so as someone who absolutely loves the stagger mechanic. I’m super happy to see it return and really not be messed with in this expansion.

So let’s talk about talents there’s really nothing groundbreaking here. Now Gift of the Mist is being removed and it has been replaced with Spitfire and that gives Tiger Pam a 25% chance to reset the cooldown of Breath of Fire. Then Blackhawks brew has had its cool and increased by 30 seconds. Legsweep of course it’s baseline so if tuile slot is now a cooldown reduction had to legsweep.

World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth Info

Then bob and weave has been added as a new talent with it and increasing the duration of your staggered dose by 3 seconds this essentially smooths out your damage and received even more. And it’s basically just putting one of the légion legendaries and it’s a silent we. Then see some changes to the final tear and blackout combo no longer impacts purifying brew and it’s damage increase through Tiger pam has been lowers.

Overall it’s still a good talent but a little bit less so then guard has been added so guard is a 30 second cooldown. And it and causes an amount of future stagger damage to be prevented just flat out prevented rather than then being put on as adults.

So this essentially is really good in certain situations however high tolerance another talent list here. Is just a flat increase to the effectiveness of stagger that’s always active. And it’s impossible to use wrong and it makes that the default option. But samyak garde is good for specific cases when you know there is a massive amount of damage you will need to survive. Through so there you go that’s really it for the tunnels there’s nothing groundbreaking here so let’s just move on to overall opinions.

The Favorite in World of Warcraft

This just continues to be one of my favorite tanking specs in the World of Warcraft game it. Has a super unique way of dealing with incoming damage and that’s really it stagger just sets it apart from other tanks in the game by offering a really unique mechanic, that you just cannot find anywhere else. Having this level of control over your incoming damage and primarily with your two main brews leads to a hell of a lot of super strong and thoughtful World of Warcraft Gameplay.

It is pretty easy to play this back wrong though. And if you do it’s going to be terrible but if you play it right it feels super powerful. And really doing that all just involves using your bruise right for the most part you want to try to maintain 100% uptime of iron skin Bru. Why is that well smoothing out damage is your absolute priority.

This is perfectly fine for say a low or medium amount of stagger which is represented by your stagger. And my con being green or yellow, but if it turns red you maybe want to throw in a purifying brew to remove a portion of that dog to make it a bit more manageable for your healer. But overall you just do one full uptime of iron skin Bruce.

So maybe you’ll be doing that in unison with a cooldown like Black Hawks brew which fully recharges the shared cooldown pool that’s used by both iron skin and purifying Bruce. And realistically look that just takes some practice to get used. To but once you do I think you’ll find a really deep and rewarding tie expect that in my experience rarely gets boring.

So really that’s the core of the spec and there is more to it than that in places but the stuff that really matters is Tiger .it’s the reason why you would go brew master over another tank, and of course you’re still a monk right so you’ve got amazing movement to enjoy and you’ve got a fast paced rotation that’s pretty simple and pretty fun. And so overall I just love this spec and I’m really happy to see they’ve not messed it up and BFA.

Next up it is time for miss Weaver, so as a relatively new healer in Legion mr. Weaver was quite enjoyable. A bit less enjoyable and resto shaman but it felt pretty unique and I got a lot out of it. Battle for Azeroth does tweak things up such that it ends up feeling in my view a good bit different and absolutely for the better. And i’ve almost immediately taken to just loving this speck. So let’s kick it off with the chord changes.

So what’s role kit is the same in name as it was in Legion however there are differences. First a fuse has been removed why well, it was a basic healing Legion and remember that in Legion s soothing mists. Which is that thing you see miss Weaver’s Channel and that was a passive. Well in battle for Azeroth soothing mist is an active ability. And now doing that has meant that a fuse doesn’t really not make as much sense in the rotation.

So basically if you cast soothing mists on the target now you’ll start channeling a heel on them and what’s cool is the casts of enveloping mists or vivify two of your other core heals. They are instant if they’re used on the target who you’re channeling soothing mists on. And I found them that actively managing that mechanic has been far more interesting, than what we were previously doing in Legion. So that’s pretty cool so then we move on to renewing mist it’s a strong heart.

World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth New Features

That and impacts your vivify and it’s been changed to have two charges which allows you to pull those charges and have a bit more control and over how they’re a. they are used then Thunder focus tea has been changed it’s one of those cool downs the buffs your next spell. And so it kind of lets you em choose how you want to use it which is great and so it’s a very flexible cooldown.

Well in VF a of course a fuse has been removed so it doesn’t affect that anymore and it no longer makes, essence fault heal twice as fast. And then with enveloping mists it causes casting it to drop an instant heal on the target. Rather than making enveloping mist itself an instant cast spell. So really the core changes here are to do with soothing mist that’s what changes up the feel the most. So you know what let’s just go em right into the World of Warcraft Gameplay explainer.

We’re gonna start off the World of Warcraft Gameplay explainer with soothing mists it is a channeled heal, that helps to keep the target topped up but what matters the most. Is that two of your non-instant heals enveloping mists and vivify and their instant. If they’re cast on the target who you’re channeling soothing mists on. Now involving mists is a heal over time that increases the target’s healing received and vivify is just a straight up solid heal.

However there is a twist it plays into another ability called renewing mist so renewing mists is your hot that you’re spreading about the place ideally and it will actually hop to another target if it over heals its current target. Now because of its charge system you can have two of them rolling at once. And what’s cool is that vivify will in addition to healing its main target. It will also heal allies who have renewing mist.

So as you can see these five abilities have a super strong set of interactions. And it’s actually a decent amount to manage it’s a bit more involved than just say, throwing heals out like a and a holy priest. But it just creates a really satisfying engaging World of Warcraft Gameplay loop where it’s all about you correctly setting things up.

So you build something up you lock it down and that’s just satisfying. Now we do of course have other abilities in essence font is a really big one so it sends and all these little bolts flying around to my eyes those bolts will and heal targets instantly, and be very hot on them now that hot. Will cause heals from your mastery to be twice as effective.

So your mastery gusts of mist causes renewing mist enveloping mists, and vivify to have an extra instant heal. And then it also works in one eighth of the ticks from soothing mists. So that’s actually quite strong but of course it works super well with assets fault which doubles the magnitude of the gusts of mists heal. And then finally we’ve got life cocoon this is a really big absorb shield that increases the effectiveness of halts on the target. Now there’s more to it but that’s the core of the spec so let’s hop on over to the talents.

Now for the most part talents are actually quite similar but there are a few standout options. That I think are relevant so miss trap still buffs your enveloping myths but it no longer allows soothing mist to be castable. While moving which kind of seems fair given the new importance of soothing lists. And in terms of other changes well Zen pulse has been removed and as has rising thunder.

But that’s not too major really the big changes come in later on at v100 tier so on the 100 here we’ve got rising mists. This causes rising some kick to heal all allies with any hots on them and extend the duration of those halts. By two seconds basically its fist weaving. This is it’s great see the the place that’ll be supported even though I find it personally kind of stressful to play around. Now it is something that’s far more effective in raid content.

Where you’re going to have a larger amount of hearts and rolling especially because of asin’s fault. So in a dungeon doing say a global interesting some kick with this is a healing loss in comparison to just using vivify so really fist weaving it is a raiding option. Now the next health upwelling also is on the 100 tier and it changes essence spawns the way to describe it is basically there for each second that essence vault is off cooldown. It will fire an extra bolt up to 18 seconds. And really this is just fantastic if you’re not using essence font on cooldown, but you still think you’re going to be needing strong priority aoe healing.

So it’s a pretty girl ability and it’s one that I am find it’s very useful and say a dungeon scenario. And then the X I want to like something up it’s not new and but it’s just that has relevant World of Warcraft Gameplay I suppose. So life cycles causes vivify to reduce the mana cost of your next developing miss by 25% and for enveloping mists to reduce the mana cost of your axe vivified by 25%.

Basically incentivizes weaving between those two spells in order to be man efficient. And that feels really great normally and even better, with the instant cast of a soothing misted well just of having soothing mists on the target, so I found that to be pretty fun. Overall though there’s really not a massive amount else to talk about with the talents. So I just want to kick it over to the opinions.

So overall this might be my favorite healing smack in the World of Warcraft game and i’ve absolutely loved the feel of the new soothing miss and the implications, of it at first setting up instant casts it’s just a satisfying thing in general but second, attempt can be used to create really big heals. So as an example you can pull up two renewing myths you can have those rolling on a target.

Then maybe your soothing mists on the tank. So and then you dump the vial into the tank that if I heals the tank and then both targets with renewing mists. Now you maybe could have also spread around some enveloping mists and then if you’re in a fist weaving build maybe in a raid. Could have used Rising Sun kick to increase the duration of your hearts maybe if you put that into an essence vault.

And basically all of these spells in this spec worked brilliantly together and there’s a lot of synergy it doesn’t feel like a bunch of random smells throw into a class. And a lot of attention has went to getting the mist leaving fantasy going. Being the flow of inputs the decision-making it’s all excellently tailored to create the identity of this spec. I’ve just found it to be like really flowy and I just kind of fall into playing this back which is awesome.

Now one thing that I should them do is not overstate the importance of soothing mist in the rotation. As sure it makes things instant which is great but channeling all you know actually using it incurs the global cooldown. So using soothing mists just so that you can get an instant vivify doesn’t make much sense. In that case you should just hard cast the vivify, and that does have some implications as an example in rate.

So as much as this soothing this thing is really cool. I don’t want to sell it as absolutely being the biggest part of the spec, it just happens to be one of many interactions that are pretty good. But so overall we’ve got we’ve got some tweaks we’ve got some new toys but it is worth noting the things as an example in a grading environment.

World of Warcraft Game Design

Are probably going to be very similar feeling, and but on paper I would say this is a beautiful bit of World of Warcraft Game Design, and in terms of how it works and actual content, fantastically I love the new mechanics, I love having say even to charges of renewing mists.

Battle for Azeroth

That’s great having that in combination with the soothing mists and you know what viv advise doing Matt. It just feels really really satisfying to pull off so with that. Basically I love the mist weaver monk and let’s just round it off with my overall opinions at really. For me the monks are Dan pal house every one of their specs is basically one of the best at its roll.

Mr. Weaver’s probably my favorite healer wind Walker’s probably my favorite DPS and brewmasters probably my favorite tank. It means that no matter what I do I can what I want to do I can do it on a bunk. And unlikes like some hyper classes I enjoy every single one of the specs. It lets me play any role that I want with us back that I love. So when it comes to choosing a main topping the monk is going to be very hard.

Now I suppose like monks they’ve historically had a pretty low player count because of their theme, and I truly think that’s sad because they are one of the best design specs in the World of Warcraft Game. I would certainly take this over a legions demon-hunter any day as an example. I cannot hype the monk up enough monks are absolutely brilliant they are just check them out really euro it to yourself to give the monk ago. So there you go that said that’s me and monks I loved in Legion I’m even more happy in battle for Azeroth.

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