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Octopath Traveler Adventure Game

Octopath Traveler that releases in one week and it’s a game I have been highly anticipating on switch but for my own personal reasons, you see I grew up with traditional turn-based rpgs in the 90s. Work and in a general sense the way that everything’s blended together that being. Said a while back the developers released a video update detailing how you could customize the graphic effects. But, either they aren’t all here in this game or there just aren’t as many options as I was expecting.

Basically what they’ve given you in this game is the ability to tone down the vignette which they’re referring to as I think what they call the corner shadows. And then they’re also giving you some control over the screen brightness. I was thinking maybe there was gonna be a bloom effect you could turn on and off as well as the ability to take away this lens blur effect which I find to be a bit distracting I wish I could just remove that altogether. Hopefully there will be a few more options like that in the final game. But even if there aren’t, there’s really no denying how great this game looks overall it’s extremely charming.

Octopath Traveler Music

The music is definitely my favorite aspect of the game so far it has some wonderful melodies that are beautifully arranged and just excellently mixed. It’s always. Great when you find a game that makes you stop after a battle ends because you just can’t help but appreciate the victory fanfare.

Octopath Traveler

The boss battle music is standing all of the town themes are great so far. It’s shaping up to be a really great on the music side of things and I have no complaints there whatsoever. As for the battle system I covered how it works in that other video I mentioned earlier so i’ll just say here for the sake of brevity that while it has some elements that I feel are a bit familiar to bravely default. I don’t feel it’s as deep as that game was. In fact on the whole I felt like the combat was significantly easier in this version of the game, over the Octopath Traveler first game playing.

Which I suppose is to be expected once devs have a chance to play test the game they generally played on the safe side with difficulty but. While I came away from the first game feeling really excited about the combat with this game I felt like I wanted them to add enough layer two it. Just something to add another element of strategy, because I felt like I had it all figured out within like half an hour and the bosses .

Playing Experience of Octopath Traveler

Weren’t tough for me this time even though I was rushing through at lower levels, because I knew I only had three hours to play the game. Luckily save spots don’t heal you which a lot of other rpgs do so there’s at. So I’m hoping they’ll get longer and tougher down the line. I don’t know while I tend to like more straightforward battle systems this one currently is feeling a little too easy for my tastes. And I hope the challenge ramps up a bit as the player moves out of the early game.

Octopath Traveler

I know a lot of this is gonna sound negative and I really don’t want to give the impression that octo path traveller is a bad game. It’s not it’s a solid experience that I’m looking forward to finishing .it’s just not quite at the level I was hoping it was gonna be. Of course these are just early impressions of a three hour game and there’s gonna be a lot more to experience in the final release but from what i’ve played today. It’s what I would call a good RPG it’s not remarkable it’s not something I feel like i’ll be replaying you know years down the line. But definitely something that I enjoy enough to play all the way through when it comes out. And something I would recommend you look into if you have a switch.

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