Octopath Traveler – Guide to Unlock the Final Dungeon

Lock the Final Dungeon on Octopath Traveler

If you’ve played Octopath Traveler by now you’ll likely have realized that the stories aren’t that connected. There might be some small hints here and there of an interconnected plot. But nothing like a typical rpg. Instead these are eight smaller stories each with their own arc that feels complete. However there is one last dungeon to find in the game that does tie these stories together.

Now don’t expect a grand interaction between the party, it mainly serves the tie up loose ends that were mentioned throughout the game. But the process of unlocking this final dungeon isn’t the most obvious. So we’re going to walk you through it so you can see it for yourself.

The major thing that needs to be done is finishing all eight stories in the Octopath Traveler Game. The dungeon won’t activate unless you do. But in the meantime there are two side quest chains that must be completed as well. The first is found in boulder fall near the ravus manor. Where a guard named alphys is pining for a woman named lie black.

One Step Octopath Traveler Final Dungeon Guide

Duel him with oberek or hana to complete the quest. Then traveled a saints bridge to find light black and start a new side quest, alphas will appear and has poetry. Use alpha nor syrus to learn his poem then go speak with a woman named flora the cathedral in town. This will complete the quest line.

The other side quest that needs to be completed involves kit. The young man you meet as your first sigh quest once you left your opening town. You’ll find him again in noble court. Talk to him to activate the quest then find an aspiring actor in the area to the right. Use primrose or philia to bring the actor to kitt and complete the quest Octopath Traveler Game.

Unlock the Final Dungeon Octopath Traveler

You’ll then want to travel to grand port and then steal or buy lapis lazuli from a merchant, positioned between the inn in the item store. Take the lapis lazuli to kitt who can now be found on the moonstruck coast on the right side. Finally go to the west sparkie trail to find the impresario of kitts acting troupe. There you’ll be asked to defeat a monster.

Last Step Unlock the Final Dungeon Octopath Traveler

Once you do you’ll learn to the final dungeons location. Talk to the impresario again to receive the quest related to that dungeon, and then use fast travel to arrive. Be sure you’re ready for it to. The boss waiting at the end is no joke but you will discover connections between the stories of all eight characters. And there you have it good luck with the challenge and be sure to subscribe the invinciblebux.com for more on Octopath Traveler and other things gaming.

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