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God of War 2018 2

Welcome to my God of War ps4 review, this is a non-spoiler review there’s so much to talk ,about there’s so much to gush. About let me first of all say this i’ve been looking forward to this game for quite a few years like many of you out. There a lot of expectations a lot of things were hoping for how is the game. I’ve been playing it all week and i’ve been dying to get in front of the camera.

I’ve been so enthusiastic I just put the controller down I came in sat down. And I’m like I so want to talk about it. Because this to me right now is hands-down Game of the Year. I am so impressed with this game and I mean it I’d be looking forward to it for a while. But I going in I thought always just give me another God of War game which is. Not a bad thing to say I love the God of War series. But it’s so much better than that.

Game Video of God Of War

And that that’s saying something isn’t it because those games are really fantastic the gameplay the story and the graphics. Let’s just start at the beginning shall we graphics graphics are the best i’ve ever seen on the ps4 I was playing on the peaceful Pro unbelievable. Blows your mind the textures that detail the going from gameplay to cinematics to back. And forth there is none it’s all game play what I’m meaning is my wife walks in and she’s like oh this is an awesome looking. Movie in game movie I’m like it’s game play and she’s like one I’m not kidding.

I get it she sits down and starts watching with me and she’s like oh my god. And you know usually kimball come in the room if I’m playing some kind of action God Of War games don’t like that. And she was like oh that looks cool and kind of walked past me, but she sat down I was like oh my god and she just had to start watching couldn’t take her eyes off it. As they say the one thing that I want do is show you everything but I’m not gonna do that. No spoilers at all I am gonna be very careful going through this not to say anything that will ruin anything so any.

God of War 2018 1

Gameplay I’m showing is from the very early stages of the game that don’t show. Any plot points or anything like that so so graphics alright like I swear to God I horizon zero dawn is on the ps4 to me. The standout game for graphics there’s a lot about the great games no but horizon zero dawn when I played. Last year’s like I might these graphics are amazing unbelievably so God of War.

It’s not a comparison but they’ve raised the bar on graphics on the machine. I I notice I could gush for an hour about the graphics. And I I just know walking through a forest and I’m not showing me these bets I’m he sees like like. You know things falling out of the forest like little specks and fucking leaves. And Dustin’s oh my I mean it is insane i can’t i can’t gush enough about the graphics i mean just the textures.

Game Characters of the God Of War 2018

On your characters are low when your characters look amazing. So that kind of brings us into the story and the story. I will not discuss all I will say is it’s a journey with Kratos and his son. But what I will say is kind of you know like.

I was like oh no he’s gonna have his son with him is it everybody’s like it’s. Gonna be like the Last of Us let me say it is emotional like The Last of Us. But it doesn’t play like The Last of Us so your son. You know it’s an assist character. But what I want to talk about is still with the story is that the emotions of these characters together is something else it really is about.

Parenthood and I had my friend Rob and my friends Satan over for the weekend we were playing this game and they were moved on a different level than me. I don’t have kids yet but they were like oh my god I really I’m feeling for this. So this is gonna sound like the strangest thing i’ve ever said in the show this game. Has a real appeal to parents yeah I don’t think you should play with your young kids because it’s really brutal.

Yeah you know it’s it’s really intense that way but there’s an emotional impact between him and his son. That you know I’m gonna let play out for you guys cuz I’m not gonna ruin all these amazing. Moments let’s get into God Of War game play for a second now you’re using an axe. In this game it’ll of buyeth an axe and it is one of the most fulfilling combat things. In a game that I played in a long time it feels so phenomenal. Because what you do is you kind of position where you’re gonna throw your axe. You throw it and then it sticks into an enemy or it sticks into a wall and then you bring it back. And this is something that you can.

Only experience playing it it is incredibly fulfilling. It feels so amazing to throw your axe and a bunch of enemies and then just bring it back almost like a boomerang. And you completely control that dynamic and it is a hack and slash in that regard. You know us to do hosts quarter combat that exists as well and then you have your boy with you and he is shooting arrows and you can position where. He shoots the arrows at and this is one gameplay thing that. I will say to anybody starting off make sure you use your Sun. To your advantage his arrows really help out emboss fights. And just fights with you surrounded by a lot of enemies.

Don’t just use your axe and try to thing you know hack and slash through enemies. That way use your son as well as an assist character it works out incredibly well. And one thing I do like about you and your son working together. Is that you will assist each other in the most interesting ways so Kratos will start climbing. A rope on your son will automatically jump on your back so you don’t have to activate that it’s you know it’s very smooth and flawless. How that goes into the next kind of scene and that’s something.

God of War 2018

I like I hate micromanaging another character at times and this was a welcome thing even your jumping from a Ledge. And then your son will jump as well I never had anything. Where my son got too caught up in things you can also call your son to come back. If he does get caught up in something but working together really feels good. And it’s not cumbersome or annoying or irritating it just is very smooth. And puzzles are obviously back in this game and they are quite well done.
I really like solving some of the puzzles and a lot of them you do with your axe throwing it stopping. Something to activate something else there’s a lot of that kinds of mechanics. But there’s a lot to it you can get certain treasure chests by getting certain icons within that level as well.

There’s a lot you can do with your axe activating things to activate certain puzzles sequences. That you and your son access together and they feel really good. And that’s the interesting thing about this game the only small- thing I do have to say but I do have to bring it up is this is like an RPG which is wonderful. It’s amazing and how I’m meaning it’s like an RPG there is so many subsections of your character that you can upgrade at any time. You can upgrade your weapon your skill you know all these kinds of things with items with experience. And it’s when you start off it’s a little bit confusing you’re like what am i upgrading.

What should I not do what should I do and I think the menu system. Is that kind of a con faulted mess at times I think that but still you you you figure out what you’re doing. And there’s quite a lot to improving your character there’s also a blacksmith you meet I’m not gonna say too much about him he’s hilarious he’s one of the funniest characters in a Good of War game i’ve seen in a couple of years I really like the blacksmith character and he can upgrade all your equipment as well so there’s a lot more RPG mechanics and how you update your character in any single.

Way that you want to do and that’s the cool thing is a lot you can do to upgrade your character and also not saying too much. But the game opens up at one point you’re kind of going through you know this kind. Of route through the God Of War game and all of a sudden boom you know you can kind of access. A little bit more of the world and you can do some backtracking and all those kinds of things. But I will leave that for you guys as I say no spoilers for this boss encounters absolutely in credible. The size of the entire screen if not the size of half of a mountain. I mean it’s something remember the past god of war games.

You’d be so impressed where they’re still impressive man. Like this game impresses when you get to a boss encounter it blows your mind. You get you’re like in awe oh my god I can’t believe they did this. And they do it in really cool ways that as they say going from gameplay to kind of a cinematic boss showing. Up she’s back in the Good of War gameplay is all one so you’re never taken out of the game the game is always playing for you at all times.and they have some really great shocking boss encounters and again that is all I will say.

Music on the God Of War 2018

I’ll talk about the music the music is obviously good god of warfare. We’re used to with the music that you get in these games. And they will not disappoint the sound effects the ambience wonderful. Stuff and I gotta say from level to level from snow-capped mountains to the waters. That you’re on with your son in a boat I mean it is stunning and this is like Norse mythology and they really brought a lot of imagination into this game. And guys I just really really want it to gush about this game.

Because I was playing with my friends on the weekend and we were just like this is this this game.
Is nothing short of incredible and it is a top tier ps4 Good of War game to get. And I don’t often say this this is like a must-buy game on the system. If you like god of war games and action games this is a must-buy game. There’s a lot of gameplay in here there’s a lot of fun to be had you’re gonna get blown away. By so many moments and kick you know I’m saying so much without saying anything for some events, that happened and it will employ your way even these these huge moments.

But it’s the little moment like this isn’t a spoiler. You’re walking along and there’s like seagulls you know flying around. And you’re like oh there’s a cool little aesthetics to the level like a monk. You know what I’m like get my axe, I throw my axe hit one it explodes and feathers and blood. And then you bring your axe back and i’m like that felt so good that felt way too good, and it’s killing seagulls for the next. I want everybody to go into the game to experience it for themselves and all the incredible things within us it’s. A wonderful thing I am gonna give this game a nine point five out of ten. I absolutely loved it I highly recommend it Good of War game of the year so far for me so anyways guys until next time.

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