DRAGON BALL FighterZ Review

Dragon Ball Fighterz Evo 2018

What’s up gamers dreamcast guy here and i just stayed up all nights playing the DRAGON BALL FighterZ. Because honestly I was very curious about it earlier this year i’ve reviewed the game and really fell in love with how complicated and fantastic the combat system was.

This is a fighting game that is very very accessible whether you’ve played it for one hour or a thousand hours. So I went in this pretty open-minded and I’m a little bit conflicted first and foremost the game is still just as good as it’s always been. And actually I was pretty concerned as to how the frame rate would be on Nintendo’s switch, because this is a little bit weaker hardware but it’s fine.

It still seems to be completely smooth completely graphically awesome and even cutscenes and intros don’t seem like they’re being held back at all. In this game though I was only able to play it for a short time before the server’s completely melted. Most of last night was spent looking at this screen. It was so annoying to look at but I kept trying my best to login and I was able to get in some matches.

Dragon Ball Fighterz English

Game Graphic

So the biggest thing that really struck me is I thought that they would have to try and do some sort of graphical DRAGON BALL FighterZ downgrade. Something to make it where would be a little bit lower resolution or something because this game is rather gorgeous, but they didn’t have to do that. You know how I know because right now you’re watching playstation 4 footage and you probably didn’t even notice. It looks identical to Nintendo’s switch footage.

This is the biggest thing to me that’s really awesome is that they managed to keep all the great DRAGON BALL FighterZ graphics all the great smoothness all the stuff that made this game works so well visually. But there is one really big drawback which is I think that the basic Nintendo switch controller is not at all good for this. Quite frankly the joy can suck, I like them for other stuff but when it comes to a really hardcore fighting game like this, it’s just not there. Having no d-pad it gives me so few options.

Game Strategy

So what I ended up doing was switching between several different of my pro controllers, until I found one in the head that correct fit. But once I sunk into the rhythm is really was a fantastic port. I’m gonna be buying the DRAGON BALL FighterZ full game now because i’ve gotten to see all the good stuff and all the bad stuff. I do think that there’s definitely something really weird about the servers.

Dragon Ball Fighterz 2v2

Now there definitely seem to be some sort of weird error that have repeatedly encountered, which made it where I could not finish off certain combos. Or I would have trouble switching characters, now this could partially be because the only people that are online in this game seem to be supreme champions who pull off 85 hit combos with Goku black.

But I found myself continually being deadlocked, but what seemed like input errors on the server side. Going back to the playstation 4 today I was brushing up on a lot of my combos and skills before this DRAGON BALL FighterZ Game began. And everything was working flawlessly so to suddenly jump in here and have all these problems. It definitely seems like something that’s being wrong on their side and not my side.

It’s hopefully not gonna be an issue in the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Final Game though because this is a game build and one that seems very rocky. What we got in this game is the same stuff that was on other consoles which is basically a huge chunk of the final roster a lot of the arenas and a lot of stuff to really dig deep into when.

Weakness of the Game

When I went into this it seems like this is actually built with all the most up-to-date patches. It is a great representation as what the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Game is going to be like and personally I’m definitely sold on. It for all the awesomeness of it though I definitely think that the biggest drawback to me is the fact that I don’t think I’m ever really going to be able to play this handheld.

Dragon Ball Fighterz Edition

Because just a simple fact that without the d-pad I’m not going to be able to as easily pull off my specials and connect air combos. So I feel like this if anything is more reminding me the fact that Nintendo very badly needs to release a joy con as soon as possible that gives us legitimate d-pad support.

That way every DRAGON BALL FighterZ Game even stuff like this is finally fully compatible in the way we like. But how about you did you try this at all were you able to log in or did you spend most of last night’s like I did staring at this spinning gear. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and if you have already pre-ordered it and you’re really ready for this just to come out.

Well tell me about that – personally I’m definitely gonna be buying it again because I loved it, back on the playstation 4 in fact at the end of this video I’m going to link my original view of review as the click out. So if you haven’t seen my full thoughts of the game definitely check that out.

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