DLC Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong

Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC

Last years marriage of ubisoft’s Rabbids and Nintendo’s Mario series produced one of the most unique surprising and amazing crossover games we’ve ever seen. DLC Game Mario + Rabbids kingdom battle dazzles with its unique take, on the strategy RPG genre. And it’s back for another round with the new story DLC update Donkey Kong adventure.

In this side story rabbit Kong along with peach rabbit or sucked into another dimension the world of Donkey Kong. Spread across four different zones filled with plenty of puzzles and secrets. You team up with Nintendo’s iconic primate and the rabid version of the original Kong cranky. To take on hordes of enemies under the control of rabid Kong. This new mode does not share its progress with the main campaign so you can easily jump in right. Away at times it feels like it could qualify as a standalone sequel and it is easily worth the 19.99 sent in vestment for the mario plus rabbit season pass, required to gain access to the DLC Game Mario + Rabbids.

DLC Game Mario + Rabbids

While peach rabbit handles much the same as before allowing veterans to easily get back into the swing of things. Cranky rabbit and Donkey Kong come with some unique abilities to spice things up. Donkey Kong can pick up an enemy ally or even various objects on the map. Carry them around and hurl them like projectiles. Meanwhile cranky can perform a devastating attack when launched into the air by unleashing a widespread shot from his weapon.

Abilities for DLC Game Mario + Rabbids

On top of the new abilities there are new enemy types to contend with that will push you further than before as well as different objectives that really up the intensity factor. Like having to prevent enemies from reaching a goal within a certain amount of turns. Things don’t get quite as challenging as the later portions of the main campaign but it’s also no pushover.

DLC Game Mario + Rabbids

Not all of the new additions are for the better though as the new mini bosses are a bit of a letdown. They don’t feel all that unique compared to the same types of encounters in the main campaign. And the ones in the DLC Game Mario + Rabbids are too similar in style to each other. The main enemy simply runs away whenever attacked. And summons more support units every so often to keep you distracted. It’s a rinse and repeat formula that gets old fast.

Performance of DLC Game Mario plus Rabbids

While some of the technical issues from the main campaign have been ironed out if you still remain like the spotty performance every now. And then when navigating the worlds however the game still looks great and boasts some of the most impressive visuals on the switch Hardware. The soundtrack makes great use of classic donkey kong tunes and sound bites that are sure to deliver a jolt of nostalgia, each time you hear those famous notes.

DLC Game Mario + Rabbids

Donkey Kong Adventure Games clocks in at around three to four hours just to complete the story. Though you can add on another few hours if you’re trying to do everything the DLC Game Mario + Rabbids has to offer. It’s every bit as good as the main campaign yet it manages to work in some new additions, and surprises to keep things fresh. Even if you have no interest in the other components of the Mario plus rabbit season pass. Donkey Kong Adventure is easily worth the price. And it’s the next best thing to a proper sequel.

DLC Game Mario + Rabbids Scor

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