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So from first impressions of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Game, the look of it of course we already know we’d already seen gameplay the look of it is reminiscent of a Call of Duty game. Of course and like a black ops 2 black ops 3 sort of look it is 100% boots on the ground. The only thing that could take you really off the ground I think it’s like the grapple gun. Which is pretty cool I think if you master that you can be dominant on it. But on first attempts at playing this I’m not sure how many you guys actually have played the beta so far you guys.

I’m in the comments if you have or not it plays really different it does not play like traditional Call of Duty. I mean the the first thing you’ll notice is the fact that the health bars of course now it’s like 150 health. Instead of a hundred plus people can have armor or extra basically like these these ballistic vest med kit sort of things. And that puts people up to 200 health which is basically double the health that you would have it previous Call of Duty Game.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Next thing is of course with the healing and having to remember to heal every single time. I do honestly enjoy that I think it adds more of a skill gap to the game and it is fun. But I think that the health bar thing is something that. It definitely takes a lot of time to get used to and it took me a long time to get used to as far as this game. I’m not seeing if it’s a good thing or if it’s a bad thing because honestly. I don’t really know like a game just came out. I think it should you know with with increased health bars.

And increased different stuff like that it should increase the skill gap between good players and bad players which I think that. Would be great for Call of Duty so that’s what i’ll say there I don’t really don’t know. But that’s definitely something that you’ll notice and it doesn’t really feel like like a traditional colored duty. If you’re someone that’s played Cod for so long because of that number one main aspect.

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Now I think I’m oh I noticed the maps you know whenever I talk about a college we get game. I break it down into sort of simplistic terms you know and of course this is just the beta on the thing that sucks is we don’t know how much stuff like. As far as I think the class setups you know a lot of the attachments how they have different attachments. That aren’t on each weapon and the fact that certain ARS don’t even have the option for stock.

Now the thing with the beta is hopefully that will be fixed by the time the game comes out. But if it’s not that’s ridiculous every single AR needs to have an option for stock could be like I want to use these ICR. But I don’t have the option to put stock on it but you do have the option to put stock and become like a strafing gone the smgs.

So that’s something that’s definitely questionable there as well as the perks. I find that that the part the attachments are really cool. I just wish there was more options which there probably will be in the game. And hopefully worth the perks as well because I find that that was sort of limited.

Once again it’s a beta so it’s kind of hard to tell like how much they excluded maybe they only showed us. Maybe they showed us 90% of that stuff maybe they only showed us 60%. Who really knows but when it comes down to the maps in the core Gameplay.

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I’m really enjoying the game to be honest and at first I was sort of skeptical at my first couple games. I was like I don’t know how I feel about this because the healthbarn. Because of different stuff like that I think that was definitely something that gave me some some rough bumps. But honestly after that I would I would say like one more game and I’d end up playing like 10 more games.

For that play session I sort of got addicted to the game and I really do enjoy it at this point right now. I think that the maps are awesome for the fact that. It is 5 but with the maps, it’s like they’re fast paced and especially with that one thing to have on the the Syrah for the Syrah whatever. It is i’ve never been able to say that well you can basically make these things where you can get your whole team to spawn on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Game.

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